It is Global Entrepreneurship Week around the world, and right in our backyard!  Many of the great companies in Tulsa were started by entrepreneurs following their dream.  Over the next week we will highlight five entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in and around Tulsa.  Our hope is to show you what a wide range of entrepreneurs are in Tulsa, what challenges they face, and how they are striving for success. Look for one to be added each day for from November 13 to November 17, 2017.

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Awesome Dips

Awesome Dips, LLC, is a Tulsa, Oklahoma, based company started by Kirk Barnum in 2016.  As the name indicates, the company is devoted to creating gourmet dip mixes with the aim of bridging the divide in the market between the affordable price of mass marketed brands and the quality of farmers market products.  As opposed to starting with what he knew, Mr. Barnum identified an unfulfilled need and began to learn about the industry.


Welltown Brewing

Welltown Brewing, LLC, was founded by Jeremy Diamond and Paul Whitham in the Tulsa Arts District. While the craft brewing scene in Tulsa has been growing strong for a while, revisions to Oklahoma’s alcohol laws opened up new opportunities for brewers. While the breweries that were first to the scene had to focus on getting their beer out to as many other people as possible; the new laws allow a business model that can focus on motivating customers to come to the taproom, creating a stronger impact and a better customer relationship.


Whitney Finch is passionate about fitness.  Seeing many people try to reach their fitness goals only to get discouraged and quit, he decided there was a better way.  Instead of opening a gym and signing up as many people as possible, his model at Elite Training relies on one-on-one service customized to each client.


While working for a large jewelry company J. David Wiland couldn’t shake the thought that he was helping the industry sell a mass produced and average product, when people should expect more.  That business model bothered him, but he saw an opportunity.  J. David Jewelry was founded in 1994 to produce and sell higher quality jewelry that would last a lifetime at a better price. He purchased stones directly from the cutters and manufactured all his own jewelry, achieving the quality and price he wanted.

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The internet provides marketing opportunities for everyone, but the marketing efforts of small businesses are usually not targeted, strategic, or effective.  Tulsa Internet Marketing was founded by Clarence Fisher in 2010 to give small business owners someone in their corner. Someone to help focus the internet marketing efforts and grab market share from the larger companies.