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Tulsa Internet Marketing

A business cannot grow without customers, but customers cannot choose  a business until they know it is out there.  Large companies have entire departments dedicated to getting the word out, others hire huge outfits to put together a strategic plan and to implement their marketing for them.  Small businesses are often unable to obtain the same level of service and instead rely on word of mouth and piecemeal marketing efforts. The result is often large companies displacing the small ones.

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The internet provides marketing opportunities for everyone, but the marketing efforts of small businesses are usually not targeted, strategic, or effective.  Tulsa Internet Marketing was founded by Clarence Fisher in 2010 to give small business owners someone in their corner. Someone to help focus the internet marketing efforts and grab market share from the larger companies.  Mr. Fisher explained that “when we began in 2010, many small businesses did not see the value in even having a great website,” they certainly didn’t understand how to utilize YouTube, Facebook, or Google AdWords affectively.

To reach as many small businesses as possible, Mr. Fisher started his own small business and used his marketing skills to gain customers and grow his business.    He started slow and grew step by step.  “I started by selling my personal time.  I did that until I could create a system that could be followed by someone else.  Now I manage their time.”  Even though his business is well established, he knows that every day he will face new challenges, find the solutions, and grind it out.  “It takes a special kind of crazy to be an entrepreneur.  I wouldn’t want to live any other way.”

True to his entrepreneurial spirit, Mr. Fisher is looking to expand his endeavors by introducing a program called Local Market Monopoly™ as well as helping people reach weight loss goals with a system called 100PoundParty™. 


What was an unexpected challenge you face or are facing as an entrepreneur?

Human Resources, accounting & taxes. I am not a business major. I had no idea how complicated things can get when you start hiring other people, and want to keep some of the money you’ve earned.


When you talk to people, what is their biggest misconception about being an entrepreneur?

That it is an easy, luxurious, lifestyles of the rich and famous. Entrepreneurship is a grind. Every day I fly without a net. I know everything could come crashing down at any minute. I know something will go wrong every day. I can count on it. The good thing is that I can also count on finding the answer somehow. And if I fail, I can build it back up again, even faster. It takes a special kind of crazy to be an entrepreneur. I wouldn’t want to live any other way.

What advice would you offer to someone wanting to start their own company?

If you can stomach it, continue to work your day job until you have at least that same amount of income coming in from your business, before you go full time. Preferably, double. It will force you to create profitable marketing, sales, and operational systems from day one and can better withstand the ups and downs of getting off the ground. I see too many people quit their jobs too soon.


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